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Owning your own business can be the most rewarding career path to take, however it can also be the most stressful and you can feel isolated. We understand this as business owners ourselves. We offer one-to-one tailored SMART Mentoring packages whereby we work closely with business owners to engage in more specific analysis and support, helping you create and achieve your own desired business goals.

“As a small business owner, wearing so many different hats can make business development a challenge. I was so overwhelmed and felt very lost with how to move forward. Mike has actually given me my work-life balance back with fantastic advice on how I can simplify my model whilst still providing a first class personal training service. Mike took the time to understand what our values and goals are as a business, and I hugely appreciated his patience throughout the whole process. Thanks again Mike! You have been a game changer!”

Annie Nunn – Ensofit

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Free Intro Session

Perhaps you aren’t ready to jump straight into a mentoring program, or you’re not quite sure what mentoring is all about and you’d like to know more.

Growth Program

This program is for anybody looking to grow their business. It is a 6 month program all about forming and implementing a growth plan.

Profitability Booster

If your turnover is solid, but your profits are lagging behind, or you aren’t receiving the financial rewards your hard work deserves then this program is for you.

Working in partnership

We will work in partnership with you to carve out a journey which is personal to you and your business. Our expert Business Mentoring package will guide you through making the difficult decisions you face as a business owner, pointing out ways of improving your business and asking you tough questions, all with a view to helping you achieve higher levels of performance and success.

Working with one of our Business Mentors will help you gain fresh insights into problems and decision making, through impartial discussion and feedback.

In fact 97% of business owners who have used a mentor say they are invaluable to their commercial growth as well as their personal development 

*Reference from the Association of Business Mentors

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