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As a business owner you’re responsible for a number of important elements of financial management and SMART helps navigate your way through the various legal requirements expected from HMRC which can often seem overwhelming and confusing.

There are a number of vital elements to managing your company’s finances and ensuring you remain compliant with the Companies Act. SMART can help you navigate these by preparing Accounts, VAT returns, CT600s and confirmation statements. We can also help with the submission of these documents to HMRC and Companies House.

If you operate as a sole trader or partnership you won’t be subject to the same requirements as companies but you will still want to stay on top of your business’ finances to monitor performance. SMART can help you keep records of your business’ sales and expenses as well as prepare Accounts and VAT returns to give you visibility of profit and cashflow and ensure compliance with legislation. SMART can also deal with your personal tax affairs through a self-assessment tax return and manage Income Tax on your profits and Class 2 and Class 4 National Insurance contributions.

We’ll also help you collate bills for anything you buy for your business and importantly register for VAT if your turnover reaches the threshold.

We’ll also look at the status of your VAT and we’ll take care of the registration for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) if you’re a contractor or sub-contractor in this sector, if appropriate.

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Working closely with you matters to us and our friendly and expert team aims to understand your business and your aspirations in order to get the very best out of our working relationship. We will help you organise your business and its finances, supporting you every step of the way with aid from the latest digital technology.

We’ll prepare your paperwork with plenty of time to optimise time to pay taxes. Plus, distinct from other providers we’ll also give an estimation of your Corporation Tax bill throughout the year to ensure there are no surprises and to help you keep you on top of your business’ accounts.

As part of our expert service we will set up a Personal Portal to help you view and digitally sign documents (all GDPR compliant). This means everything is straightforward to use, carefully documented, filed and all stored in one secure place.

Helpfully we spread the cost of our services over the year meaning our bills are foreseeable, avoiding one off hits to your cash flow.

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