My PT inspired me this week

So, I was out for my weekly run with my PT on Tuesday evening (it is a work in progress – new year new me and all that) and we were talking about life and how it can get a bit hectic, especially at the moment. Home schooling, working, housework, running a business, trying to keep fit, trying to eat healthily and so on. She asked me how I was doing, and I couldn’t really give a simple answer. I, as most families are at the moment, am juggling all the above. And yes sometimes (most of the times) I put pressure on myself to be super woman, teach the children between 9 and 3, answer emails and calls in between a math question, do the daily housework tasks, cook tea and then sit down to start “proper” work when the smallest is in bed. But of course, it never happens how you plan it out does it? Let’s be honest the business wont run itself, kids wont sit down willingly to teach themselves, the dinner wont cook its self, so you find yourself sinking somewhat. So why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to try and do things “perfectly”?  Why can’t we accept that you will only manage 3 hours tops (If we’re lucky!) doing schoolwork because you have an important project to work through? Why can’t we accept that sometimes the dinner dishes won’t get done till the next morning or the house hasn’t been hoovered for a couple of days? Why do we put so much pressure on our selves to be superhuman? Because you know what? Its OK! My PT told me so! DO WHAT YOU CAN! If there is promise you can make to yourself this year make it this one “DO WHAT YOU CAN” You will feel better for it, take care. Sarah 😊 #dowhatyoucan (thanks coach – Annie Nunn AKA ENSOFIT)